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We specialize in professional servicing and installation of low-voltage networks and all related equipment.

Fire Alarm Systems

– Installation and maintenance of modern fire safety systems
– Installation of smoke, heat, and combined sensors
– Setup of warning and evacuation management systems
– Integration with fire extinguishing systems
– Regular technical maintenance and functionality checks

Video Surveillance

– Design and installation of systems tailored to the specifics of the facility
– Installation of high-resolution cameras, DVRs, and NVRs
– Setup of remote access and video analytics
– Installation of video surveillance systems on machinery and equipment for production process control, mechanism monitoring, and accident prevention
– Installation of video recorders and cameras on vehicles to enhance safety, monitor drivers and operators, and document work processes
– Provision of real-time video access via mobile applications or web interface

Data Analysis and Comprehensive Maintenance

– Initial setup and audit
– Regular preventive maintenance
– Emergency call-outs for troubleshooting
– Integration with other security systems
– VIP service with daily on-site presence of a specialist
– 24/7 monitoring and technical maintenance

Security Alarm Systems

– Installation of reliable security systems for property protection
– Setup of motion sensors, glass break detectors, door and window sensors
– Integration with access control systems
– Configuration of remote monitoring and control via mobile applications
– Option to connect to a centralized monitoring station

IoT Devices and Solutions

Implementation of “smart” systems for automation and efficiency improvement.

Risk Management and Setup of data backup and recovery systems

-Comprehensive risk assessment for IT infrastructure
-Development of risk mitigation strategies
-Setup of data backup and recovery systems
-Implementation of disaster recovery plans
-Regular testing and updating of backup systems
-Secure off-site data storage solutions

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pricing & Plan

Choose Your Plan

When choosing between a contract-based or per-hour work plan, consider the following factors:

For Employers/Clients:

  • Project Duration: For long-term projects, a contract-based plan might be more cost-effective and provide stability.
  • Budget: Consider if you need fixed costs (contract-based) or if you have the flexibility for variable costs (per-hour).
  • Control: Decide if you want detailed control and tracking (per-hour) or a more hands-off approach (contract-based).

For Service Providers:

  • Stability Needs: If you prefer guaranteed income, a contract-based plan might be better.
  • Flexibility Preference: If you value the ability to adjust your workload, a per-hour plan might suit you.
  • Workload: Consider if you can handle the commitment of a contract or prefer the flexibility of per-hour work.

Ultimately, the decision should align with your project requirements, financial situation, and personal preferences.

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Contract-Based Plan



  1. Stability: Guaranteed income for the contract duration.
  2. Project Focused: Allows for comprehensive planning and project management.
  3. Budget Predictability: Easier for budgeting both for the client and the service provider.
  4. Commitment: Often indicates a longer-term relationship and investment from both parties.


  1. Scope Creep: Risk of additional tasks beyond the initial agreement without additional compensation.
  2. Inflexibility: Less flexibility in adjusting workload or hours if project requirements change.
  3. Upfront Commitment: Requires a larger commitment of time and resources upfront.
Per-Hour Plan



  1. Flexibility: Easy to adjust hours based on workload and project needs.
  2. Transparency: Clear tracking of hours worked and tasks completed.
  3. Less Commitment: Suitable for short-term projects or tasks that don’t require a long-term contract.
  4. Scope Control: Easier to manage and bill for additional tasks or changes in scope.


  1. Income Variability: Income can fluctuate based on hours worked.
  2. Less Stability: No guaranteed income beyond hours worked.
  3. Time Tracking: Requires meticulous tracking of hours and tasks, which can be time-consuming.
  4. Budget Uncertainty: Harder for clients to predict total costs.