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Virtual office

If it is necessary for you to communicate with partners or clients in the different countries of the world, Virtual Office - the ideal decision for you! You can receive personal telephone number, an answering machine and number of a fax more thanin 30 regions of the world. Entering calls on such telephone number can be readdressed on any number at your choice (as stationary, and VoIP or GSM). The subscriber who has called you cannot define your true site, and payment of conversation is made proceeding from existing tariffing in the given country -as a usual call. All the messages written down on an answering machine orreceived on a fax, you can receive on any e-mail address. Use telephone number, an answering machine and number of a fax as your office numbers in any of the offered countries!

International telephone number and answering machine

International telephone number and answering machine is your personal real telephone numberin other country. You can accept entering calls and to readdress them on any number at your choice, or to receive voice messages on any e-mail address

International number of a fax

By means of international number of a fax you can accept fax messages in other countries and receive them on the e-mail address - without dependence from where you are.

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