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Voice Over IP

Still pay greater accounts for the international telephone conversations? Time has come to think of use of modern technologies for your blessing. You can essentially save, if will start to use a VoIP-telephony. We offer inexpensive and qualitative decisions. For use of this service constant connection to theInternet is required to you.


How does it work?

We make connection to a telephone server owing to which you have an opportunity to conduct inexpensive telephone conversations worldwide. The general principle ofaction of telephone servers of an IP-telephony is those: on the one hand, the server is connected with telephone lines and can incorporate to any phone inany country of the world. On the other hand, the server is connected with the Internet and can contact any computer in the world. The server accepts a standard telephone signal, digitizes it (if it initially not digital), considerably compresses, breaks into packages and sends through the Internet todestination with use of report TCP/IP. For the packages coming from the Networkon a telephone server and leaving in a telephone line, operation occur supside-down. Both making operations (an input of a signal in a telephone system and its output from a telephone system) occur practically simultaneously, that allows to provide high-grade conversation

Conversation can be carried out by means of a telephone set or by means of headphones with a microphone. In case of use of a telephone set connection to a server is made by means of the special adapter. This adapter can be connected both to your personal computer, and to a local network. If you prefer to use for conversations headphones with a microphone, on your computer it will benecessary to establish the special program.

Use of an IP-telephony allows to save up to 80 % of means on long-distance and international calls.

The basic advantages:

:: Unlimited quantity of telephone number

:: Your numbers will work in our network

:: High quality of communication

:: Special international tariffs

:: The opportunity of association of corporate telephone systems

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