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Short Message Service is very effective, inexpensive and fast way of delivery of the necessary information to the addressee. For this reason SMS often is used as the tool of marketing or as means of payment for the information or services. Using our SMS-DECISIONS, you can decide - to increase a plenty of the important problems a circle of clients, to inform existing clients on the newgoods or services, to offer a simple and effective way of payment, to lead alottery or voting and many other things.

Mobile marketing is a service by means of which it is possible to send and receive conveniently and safely short messages from the Internet. The enterprises often have a necessity for fast granting the necessary information to the clients. It can be made, having sent printed materials by mail, but it demands time and monetary expenses.

SMS-hots - the fastest and simple way by means of which it is possible to involve potential clients. We suggest by means of SMS to automate and simultaneously to accelerate processing results of interrogations and competitions, and also tocut expenses on their carrying out.

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