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Load Internet Hosting service ensures thatyour website is hosted on a thoroughly secured environment with fast internetaccess.
Regardless of whether you want your website tobe hosted on a server that hosts multiple websites, or whether you want your siteto be hosted on a dedicated server, you will benefit from the following powerful features:

Always the Latest Security Patches
We check all components of the hosting infrastructure for security weaknesses before they are deployed. Further more, we continuously review the latest security patches for the infrastructure components and applies them whenever they are required to maintain a securehosting environment. 

Protection Against Defacing

Alterations of your website's content byunauthorized users could cause major embarrassment to your organization. LoadInternet Hosting service provides sophisticated protection against defacing toensure that the message that you want to get across to your target audience issafe.

Your Customer's Information is Protected

If your website is capable of storing information that you have collected from your customers, you want to make sure that unauthorized persons cannot access this information. Load Internet Hosting service ensures that your customers can feel confident that their informationis safe with you.

Protection Against Interception of SensitiveInformation
If your customers can send sensitive information to your site, and if your site can transmit sensitive information to your customers, you want to make sure that this information cannot be intercepted. Load Internet Hosting service allows you to encrypt the communication between your website and your customers. This ensures that sensitive information (e.g. credit card numbers, order tracking, account status,etc.) cannot be intercepted.

Free use of the Load Secure E-mail service
Your organization can benefit from all the advantages the Load Secure E-mail service provides. You can find more information about this service in the Service Description of the Load Secure E-mail service.

High-Speed Redundant Internet Connectivity
The Secure Web Hosting infrastructure is connected to two separate internet backbones. Traffic is continuously routed sothat it uses the faster of the two connections. If one of the two backbones becomes unavailable, all traffic is automatically routed through the remaining connection without causing any downtime.

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